Saturday, March 29, 2008

On the web, a click can go for miles

I have today been wandering from my camp on the web, and have found some wonderful sites, just by hitting "next blog" on the top and linking from each site found. This really is opening up new worlds for me. I have learned some new words in Estonian, "Eesti" is how it is said there. "Ilus" is one of the words for beautiful in the language, which I wanted to know when I saw Annika's pictures of her country, and a sunset or sunrise on her blog.

Then I found Mirja and Marjam, also from Estonia, Tallinn to be exact. But then while looking, I found a woman, a singer whose name is Maarja-Liis Ilus, and she is a singer from Estonia.

I find this mind-expanding and inspiring in so many ways. For one, I have always wanted to learn more languages, I speak English and Spanish fluently, and am learning Portuguese, well, Brazilian Portuguese, I studied Deutsch in college which really helped in Hungary when I could not communicate in Magyar (Hungarian), but found another common language. There are so many people now willing to share their thoughts and feelings and history, that we are in fact in a different world in this new century than any we have known before.

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Marjam said...

Hey Chandler!

It took some time to write my reply, but I wanted to thank you for your comment! It is truly amazing how the thoughts travel across the world just like this (click:).

About Estonia - we have everything just OK, though the trouble we are facing is the economy, after year of constant growth, is now slowing down and Estonia is looking for it's edge to scale up again. But I do appreciate your supportive thoughts, in whatever they might be:)

Lot of greetings from Tallinn,