Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Does it Get any Better than iPhone?

Of course it does and it will, but I am right now enjoying the best of several worlds, now that I am up and running with a WinPwn unlocked iPhone, on my T-Mobile family plan, that has as much battery life and 8GB of space for more than enough music, and pictures, and allows me to listen to Pandora Radio with my internet service on the TMobile account.

It was not simple to get where I am now, and I am documenting the steps it took, and preparing to publish an eZine article. Kudos to all the dev teams working on affordable (not free, unless you are too cheap to donate once you see the benefits to be derived from all their work) solutions to the proprietary lockdowns on this technology.

The solution that worked for me did not end up being, though their work is well done; my firmware (2.0) was too far along to be able to downgrade far enough, in fact, FW 2.0 does not to my knowledge allow for downgrading. Nevertheless, the solution ended up being an oddly named product, that allowed me to literally pwn my iPhone. That's right, I said pwn it. It's a product called WinPwn (RC1) and it required me to do more than I expected to have to, but once I was done, I now have a T-Mobile powered iPhone that has full on internet capability, clean running You-Tube access, and I do mean clean running.

I watched a full 1 hour streamed documentary without any pauses or ripples, which I have not done on any handheld computer or phone, even my most recent Toshiba e800 running xcpuscalar which overclocked my xscale cpu in the e800 to 530 MHz, and could run most full length movies almost without a glitch could not stream so cleanly.

Yes, I have long known that Apple memory and cpu access technology is faster and cleaner than the equivalent Microsoft OS no matter what the hardware, as evidenced by Apple lately using Intel and Unix OS. In fact, as it turns out, Unix is the OS behind what I am running on my iPhone, though I must qualify that with, "I do not know much of the details, but am researching it for my article."

Suffice to say, this is the next best thing to the Killer App I have long sought, because this is one tool that just about does everything I have long awaited to be available on one device.
I Twitter with ease now, from my iPhone and as I said earlier, can listen to Pandora radio as if it were music on my phone. That's worth the wait.

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Lennox said...

Thank you for your details and links. Apple has always be the twinkle in my eye. expect email about the chinese signs around the olympics. oh, and expect the unexpected.